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Announcing RBXL VST Synth
September 23, 2014 by SBAudio

Hi all,


     I thought I would take the opportunity to share my current progress on the newest synth I have been working on. As you know, Retro Boy VST was released back in February for Windows with hopes of creating a bigger version. Well, the good news is I didn't forget about it, and the bigger version should be finished sometime within the next few months. It will be released under the name RBXL (Retro Boy XL), as a 32Bit Windows VST. It will be a paid product, as too much time has gone into it to be free.

     I have been playing with the idea of hosting a closed beta test with around ~10 participants. Anyone would be able to apply, and I would be looking for a broad range of testers. Each tester will get a copy of RBXL, once the test is over and the synth has been released. Also, for those that want some exposure for their music talents, I will post demo tracks created by users of the synth (via SoundCloud) on the details page. Nothing is set in stone and may change, but I will be posting more official info about this event and how to apply in the next coming weeks. So, like my Facebook page and spread the word with others so they can participate too!