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Synthetic v1.1.0 Update
January 23, 2014 by SBAudio

Synthetic v1.1.0 is now available! 


Whats new?

  • Added copy protection:  
    • Now users are required to register their product. At startup users will be asked to enter their serial number or to continue in demo mode. You can find your serial number in the downloads section of your account.
  • Added FM to saw and supersaw oscillators:
    • The saw and supersaw oscillators now have FM enabled and show "FM" on the knob instead of "N/A".
  • Fixed keyboard causing crash:
    • Program crashed when playing notes on a MIDI keyboard while playing notes on the virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboard does not show external keys being played anymore.
  • Fixed DAW hold when opening menus:
    • Opening a menu while DAW was playing caused a "hold/freeze". Menus open smoothly now.
  • Updated GUI layout:
    • Keyboard shadows and pressed keys are now darker. The preset manager section has a new layout. Menus/dialogs have an updated theme. Updated mod matrix layout as well.
  • Updated keyboard to allow dragging:
    • Clicking and dragging your mouse across the keyboard creates a glissando/sweep.
  • Updated text to be more legible:
    • New font size and color. Font is now super clear and easy to read. 
  • Updated splash layout:
    • Clicking the Synthetic logo opens the splash screen where you can view your registration status and product version number.
  • Updated/optimized TranceGate:
    • The TranceGate is more accurate and does not crackle nor jump when playing notes.
  • Changed initialized defaults:
    • New initialized settings - defaults to saw wave instead of sine, also much louder. Other tweaks to the delay, reverb, and stereoizer.
  • Changed master volume limit:
    • The master volume can be turned up twice as loud now. 
  • Changed clip/master vol order:
    • Clipping is now done before the master volume, which makes for an adjustable clipped volume. 

This update is free for previous customers and can be downloaded from your account. Previous customers will also find their serial number in the downloads section of their account. The serial number is good for (3) computers for life, and can be uninstalled and reinstalled as many times as need be. An internet connection will be required to register your product. After registration, the internet connection is no longer required.


Try the demo for free:



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